By Harman Dayal (The Athletic)

At the dawn of the last decade, the hockey world was skeptical — even hostile — of the emerging analytics revolution.

But not Canucks head coach Travis Green. When Green was first introduced to analytics and some of the en vogue concepts like “shot attempt differential” and “zone exits”, his first thought was: “That’s familiar.”

“Man, it feels like I’ve been using analytics in some way shape or form forever,” Green told The Athletic in March.

“It was probably four or five years ago (in Utica) where somebody was talking about breakouts and entries and escaping your own zone, zone denials and one of my assistant coaches was like, ‘this is exactly what you’ve been harping on for years and now analytics people are talking about it in these terms.’

“For me, I was glad people were talking about it because it kind of validated how I felt about certain parts of the rink being important.”

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