BIPOC Coaches Program

One of the NHL Coaches’ Association’s primary objectives is to help in the development of all hockey coaches from the youth level up to the highest levels of hockey, as we strongly believe that coaches are important leaders within their communities, serving as role models at every level of the game. Together, we are committed to supporting all coaches in their initiatives of guiding, motivating, and inspiring players of all ages.

The NHLCA BIPOC Coaches Program is an initiative that aims to specifically support black, indigenous and coaches of colour in several areas including skills development, leadership strategies, communication tactics, networking, and career advancement opportunities.

Together with the support of our NHL coaches, and in collaboration with the NHL, this new program began early in the Summer of 2020. The inaugural year of the program included a group of 40 BIPOC coaches from across North America. Program candidates for Year 4 of the program, which coincides with the 2023-24 NHL season, have been selected. If you are interested in being considered for future years of the program, please send your coaching resume to



My hope is that we see more coaches of colour in the NHL in the coming years, and I think this program is a strong first step in accomplishing that ultimate objective. I’m proud to say that all of my fellow NHL coaches are extremely supportive of this program, not just myself as a visible minority coach, but all of our NHLCA members.

Craig Berube

Head Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs