Each month we’ll give a shout out to one NHL team’s coaching staff for pulling out ahead of the pack.

The month of March 2021 goes to the Carolina Hurricanes coaching staff, including Rod Brind’Amour (Head Coach), Dean Chynoweth and Jeff Daniels (Assistant Coaches), Paul Schonfelder (Goaltending Coach), Chris Huffine (Head Video Coach) and Trace Linton (Video Scouting Coordinator). Congrats on taking the March 2021 Coaching Staff of the Month award!

10-2-2 record
.786 Points %
33.3 Power Play %
86.4 Penalty Kill %

How’s the scoring work? We look at 5 categories for how teams are doing:

  1. Wins
  2. Points Percentage
  3. Shutouts
  4. Power Play Percentage
  5. Penalty Kill Percentage

Then we take the top ten teams from each category that month and assign points based on how they finished in that respective category. Combine that with any subjective categories, like a really long winning streak, and we determine which coaching staff is most deserving of the title each month.