By Joe Smith (The Athletic)

DES MOINES, Iowa — “You ever watch ‘Letterkenny’?” Tim Army asks. “Man, I love that show.”

The head coach of the Minnesota Wild’s AHL affiliate, the Iowa Wild, sits in his office, which is curiously mostly devoid of Wild memorabilia other than a tiny Hulk figurine from a team giveaway on the front of his desk. On a chair in the corner sits a large fathead photo of Army’s 2-year-old grandson, Boone Sanderson Army, named after Boone Jenner and Derek Sanderson, Army’s favorite player growing up. Army’s oldest son is named Derek.

But what stands out as Army sits behind his laptop and a three-ring binder of practice plans, is his light blue sweatshirt. It features the logo of the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs from the Letterkenny spin-off “Shoresy.”

The shows, Army explains, are among his few diversions away from this rink. He’s even got some of the series’ signature beer, Puppers, in back.

“Maybe for another night,” Army says, smiling.

On this Tuesday evening, there’s other programming on tap. Army has agreed to watch a Minnesota Wild game with The Athletic, to help provide insight into the organization’s development program as well as several key players who have graduated onto the current roster.

It wasn’t too long ago that Matt BoldyMarco Rossi and Calen Addison were getting seasoned in Wells Fargo Arena, not to mention Brandon Duhaime and Connor Dewar. After all, it was here that they became “Dewey 1” and “Dewey 2.”

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